Rainbows and sunshine, 2018







My practice explores different shades of desires, fantasies and dreams revealing the false identification with the self and distorted nature of reality. The body movements characterizing recent works such as the video Passive Dreams are deliberately submissive to hint at our passive acceptance of a received sociality. In their subversive reenactment of everyday gestures and performances, my movements both rehearsed and improvised, trouble the gaze and expectations of the viewer. The use of crocheted masks, another recurring motif, allows the entry of a real self, unburdened by notions of propriety and decorous behavior while the fetishized sculptural objects serve to vocalize repressed desires and actions.

The dissection of the sexual power dynamics and assigned gender and social roles through the appropriated medium of thread and embroidery is an attempt to situate myself in the long history of feminist artistic practices. This personaly-political aesthetics, mobilized through the use of black humor and satire, informs the choice of various movements, words and props forming the elaborate backdrop of my trans-media practice.